Are Cloth Diapers Worth It? Compare Cost to Disposable Diapers

cloth diaper
Cloth diapers are a wonderful way to help the environment, keep your baby cleaner and safer, and eliminate the fixed costs of disposables. There are three main types of cloth diapers, and each variation comes with different pros and cons for usage. Three Types of Cloth Diapers A pre-fold diaper includes three rectangular panels made from lightweight gauze-like fabric with extra absorbency layers in the center. Pocket diapers have a liquid-proof outside and a pocket on the inside to put absorbent inserts. All in one diapers are typically the easiest variation of cloth diapers to use and come with an absorbent liner and a waterproof outer barrier that does not separate in the wash like pocket diapers. Best Pre-Folded Cloth Diapers: Gerber Baby Organic Cotton Flatfold Birdseye Diaper One Size…
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